How-To Create a Custom Lineup with Guide Data

To create a custom lineup, you will need to do the following.

From the Admin tab, head over to Guide


Scroll all the way down and select Create New Custom Lineup


Next name your Lineup, select your type and enter your Zip Code:



After entering your zip code, a service type section will appear and you have the option to choose between Antenna (Digital), Cable, or Satellite. Select the option that best describes your service type. (Comcast is cable, DirecTV is satellite, etc) and then click Import Channels With Guide Data.

NOTE: The Cable and Satellite option has an additional dropbox labeled Tier. We recommend selecting Premium so you get the full list of available channels

Select the desired channels and click Import Selected Channels

Note: If you are doing a Single Channel Lineup, just select one channel and click Import.


You will see the channels selected at the bottom of the page. After some double-checking click Save Custom Lineup.


After saving, a Guide Update will be initiated. Once complete you will need to edit your Tuners and apply the new lineup to your desired tuners.





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