SnapStream 9.3.0 Build Release Notes

2019.10.03:  9.3 Build 13094

- Addressed issue with clips not syncing audio and video properly.

- Fixed an issue where clips from gapless recordings would not be playable and show the clip length of 0 seconds.

- Addressed issue with missing Analytics Data after upgrading from to

2019.09.25:  9.3 Build 13090

- Addressed issue with procedure or function 'RecordingStarted' expects parameter '@IndexFilename', which was not supplied

- Fixed an issue in which users were not able to Watch Live TV when only the "Watch Live TV" permission enabled

2019.09.04:  9.3 Build 13085

- Preserve clip markers after loading neighboring recordings

- Let in-progress neighboring recordings keep playing after loading the neighbor recording.

2019.08.27:  9.3 Build 13074

- Fixed an issue with logging in with Duo SSO redirects to an "Oops! We could not authenticate you to the requested site." page

- Fixed an issue with the Zoomable Timebar's Autoscroll feature in which it stops autoscrolling when it's in contact with the live edge/end of the file.

2019.08.21:  9.3 Build 13071

- This is the first official release of 9.3 You can view the full release notes of Build 13071 here:

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