Deleting Windows.edb file safely

Issue or Problem:

You are getting the warning "Search has run out of drive space. Pausing indexing until enough space is available on drive C:\ Error Level: Warning"


This is most like caused by the Windows index/database file Windows .edb


You can follow these steps to delete the file and disable Windows indexing. It should not affect your SnapStream's ability to search through clips/recordings.

Turn off indexing and delete the file
1) Open Windows Explorer and expand this PC to your C Drive.
2) Right-click on C drive and select properties.
3) Uncheck the "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties"
4) Delete the Windows.edb file.

Keep indexing on, but delete the file.
1) Search for "Indexing Options" (under "Settings"). Open it.
2) Search "services" (or run "services.msc") and find "Windows Search". Stop the service.
3) Delete the Windows.edb file
4) Click "Modify" in the already-open "Indexing Options" panel, then click "Delete and Rebuild" for the index. You can also specify a different drive to store the index on



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