How to check your BBU status in MegaRAID once it's been replaced.

So you've replaced your BBU, how do we know that it's been detected by MegaRAID?

Let's check!

Step 1: Login to Windows on your server. The default credentials should be administrator/snapstream. 

Step 2: Launch MegaRAID by double-clicking the MegaRAID icon on the desktop. If one is not available browse to Start > All Programs > MegaRAID Storage Manager > Startup UI 

Step 3: Highlight the server name in the dialog that appears, you should only have one server to select. Click "Login" at the bottom of the dialog window. 


Step 4: Use your local administrator credentials to login. 


Step 5: Select the Physical Tab, and find the BBU. What is the Status? If this says "Normal" or "Optimal" we're good. Let us know if it says something different, and we'll advise you moving forward. 


If you need instructions on installing a BBU, check here:

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