How to transcribe a recording in SnapStream

In version 9.2 of our software, we released a feature which allows you to transcribe a recording. This is useful if you need a transcript for a recording that either lacks one due to the source, or the nature of the broadcast. 

To use this feature, it must first be unlocked,  so if you do not find this feature available please reach out to SnapStream Support, and we can lend you a hand. It is also important to note that this feature is currently limited to 10 hours of usage per month. 

To transcribe a recording: 
- Browse to Library
- Find a recording which lacks a transcript (easy giveaway is a lack of a CC button in the bottom right corner) 
- Click the checkbox to select that recording
- Scroll to the top of the page, and click the drop-down menu
- Select "Transcribe"
- On the dialog that appears, click "Submit" 


To view the transcript: 
- You can click the CC button on the Task window that appears when the transcribing task is complete. 
- You can find the library item, and click the CC button there. 

To download the transcript click the Download Transcript, or Download SRT button in the top right corner of the  transcript dialog window. 


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