How to Clip Across Recording Boundaries


How can I create a clip that includes content that crosses the boundaries between consecutive recordings?


  1. Use the SnapStream Web Player to start playing back the recording that has the content that you want your clip to start with.
  2. Click the Load Next Recording icon to queue up the next recording in your SnapStream Web Player session.
    NOTE:  The Load Previous Recording icon works the exact same way.
  3. You should now see that the timeline in your playback session extends through the next recording.
    NOTE:  The green bar in your playback time bar indicates the gapless boundary between the two recordings.
  4. Mark your clipping start and end points and clip as you normally would.

Additional Notes:

You also have the option to load the previous recording in your existing playback session.  Just use the relevant icon.  You can clip across the current recording you started playing back, the previous recording, and the next recording by using the load previous/next recording icons to load them into your playback session.

Our gapless recording feature needs to be implemented in order for the Load Next and Load Previous icons to appear.  Requirements for gapless recording are below.

  • Recordings must have been made using SnapStream Software version 9.3 or above.
  • The Recordings need to be H.264 Transport Streams (H.264 MP4 recordings are not compatible with this functionality).
  • The Recordings being loaded into the Web Player session must be made using the same tuner and channel immediately before and/or after the recording that you are playing back. This means that added padding on either side of the recording will prevent gapless recording from working.
  • This only works when playing back recordings (not Live TV sessions or Clips)

Applies to Version:

9.3 and above


gapless recordings, clipping across recording boundaries

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