How Do You Add A Channel To An Existing Lineup?


How Do You Add A Channel To An Existing Lineup?


Adding a missing channel

  1. Go to the Admin tab (at the top right)
  2. Select Guide (left side of screen)
  3. Click the edit icon mceclip1.png next to the lineup that you wish to change.
  4. Enter your service zip/postal code, and select the options below.
    > Service Type: Analog, Cable or Satellite (Likely Cable unless using DirecTV, then Satellite)
    > Provider: Choose your respective provider from the list, selecting Non-Rebuild where available
    > Tier: Premium
  5. Click the Import Channels With Guide Data button.
  6. Select the channel(s) that you want to add, and click Import Selected Channels button.
  7. Click the Save Custom Lineup button, and wait for the guide update to complete.

Additional Notes:

Use of Analog, ATSC, or QAM would simply change the Service Type to Analog


Guide Lineup Add Channel

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