How-To Schedule a Recording through the Guide.


I would like to schedule a recording from a certain channel at a certain time. How can I do this?


Scheduling a recording is fairly simple. The easiest way to do this is to head to the Guide, navigate to the correct date, time, and program, right-click on that program, and select Record This Episode. That's it!

You will then see a red dot appear next to the program or you can then head to the Schedule tab to make sure you're channel and program have been scheduled to record.


Additional Notes:

This can also be done under the Schedule tab, just head to the left side panel and select either Create Manual or Create Scheduled Guide. If you do not have any guide data, then creating a Manual Recording is mandatory.

If your program is not shown in the Guide, please contact SnapStream Support. We will need a remote session onto your server and try our best to add the programs needed. 

Tuning equipment is needed for channel changing to work.

Applies to Version:

SnapStream version 8.4+


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