How to power on or off a cable box from your SnapStream Encoder


If you notice problems with recordings coming from a cable box such as no audio, a green screen, no signal, or other quality problems a reboot of the cable box could alleviate these problems. How do I remotely power cycle the cable box?


If your encoder is set up with IR blasting to your cable boxes, you can send power commands to the cable box via the SnapStream Encoder webUI:

  1. First identify which cable box is having the problem. Open the recording from the Library and then press the F2 key on your keyboard. This will indicate which tuner is associated with this recording.
  2. Log on to your SnapStream encoder with the appropriate admin credentials
  3. Go to Streams (tab on the left) and then click the Edit icon next to the identified stream.
  4. Click the "Blast UIRT Commands by Digit" button.
  5. Click the Power button to toggle power on or off.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure you are certain of the stream and cable box you want to power cycle as you may incorrectly interrupt another recording.
  • If you click the eye icon next to the stream you can get a preview of what's being received by the tuner from the cable box.

Applies to Version:

9.1 and above

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