SnapStream 1CH (2018) v1 is prompting for Firmware Update

Issue or Problem:

Browsing to the SnapStream 1ch encoder's WebUI results in a prompt to Update the Firmware.


This can be caused by holding down the button on the front of the encoder for a minute.


  1. Download the Firmware here:
  2. Unzip it, and use the Browse button on the encoder's WebUI to point it to the extracted firmware image you downloaded.
  3. Click the update button and wait for the firmware to be uploaded, updated, and applied.  The encoder will reboot itself during this process.
  4. Re-configure the encoder using the guidance below.
    1. Select the Source tab, select your desired video source (HDMI in most cases)
    2. Select the Encoder tab and set your Resolution and Frame Rate preferences
    3. Select the Streaming tab
      • If using TS
        1. Change Stream Type TS (disable Sub Streaming if TS is selected)
        2. If TS stream type is determined by IP entered. i.e. ( i= Unicast. = Multicast)
        3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Start Stream
        4. A URL should pop up, Copy that URL into VLC to confirm it is working.
      • If using RTMP 
        (Example: rtmp://hostname/snapstream/Stream?key=GuHebmn7Dvbdv42DxgDbkKJsioBRsv2U)
        1. Change the Stream Type to RTMP
        2. Encoder Source = Main Encoder
        3. RTMP URL 1 = rtmp://hostname/snapstream/
        4. StreamName 1 = everything after the / produced by the SS Server.
          Example: Stream?key=GuHebmn7Dvbdv42DxgDbkKJsioBRsv2U
        5. Select Start Stream 
          NOTE:  The Full URL will be published in the Play URL 1 Field and will be exactly what the SS server provided: rtmp://hostname/snapstream/Stream?key=GuHebmn7Dvbdv42DxgDbkKJsioBRsv2U
    4. Select the System tab
      • Set desired network settings applicable to your environment


Additional Notes:

If the SnapStream Server is having problems receiving the Stream after this encoder has been rebooted, browse to the encoder's WebUI > go to the Streaming Tab, and stop the stream and start the stream again.

If you change the Video input on the Source tab (HDMI/SDI) without stopping the stream on the Streaming tab first, you may find that the Video input setting doesn't get retained when the encoder is rebooted.

Applies to Version:

SnapStream 1CH (2018) v1 encoders (Yuan encoder)


Yuan Encoder

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