Setting Up an HLS Stream

1. Setup the Program Guide Lineup.
- Log into SnapStream and go to Admin at the top, expand Settings and then go to Guide on the left.
- Click Create New Custom Lineup, give the lineup a name, type = IPTV, zip code where you want to steal the program guide information from. 
- If you are importing guide data, then you should have seen a Service Type option appear when you finished entering the zip code, select the service you want to import the guide data from and then the Provider and Tier and finally click on Import Channels With Guide Data.
- You will be presented a list of the channels from the zip code/provider you selected, put a check mark next to the channel you want to import and click Import Selected Channels.
- Change the Name/Callsign/Guide Channel to whatever you would like it to be, change Transport Type to HLS, enter the HLS stream info under Source Address and click Save Custom Lineup.
- If you choose not to import guide data, just click on Create Channels Without Guide Data and then you will be provided with the same options as the previous step.

After you are done with the Program Guide Lineup, it will run an update and complete.

2. Setup the Tuner.
- Log into SnapStream and go to Admin at the top, expand Settings and then go to Tuners on the left.
- Click Add Tuner, select the Lineup you just created and click Save.
- The tuner should be added now, click on Edit icon on the far right to customize the name so it is more identifiable.

Now that steps 1 and 2 are completed, you should have a working HLS stream.

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