2020 Tokyo Olympics Recording

The 2020 Summer Olympics are scheduled from July 24- August 9. Events and pre-events are being entered into the program guide database now and will be available to you soon.

Here is some information about the Series/Shows and Episodes in your program guide.


  • Title: "Tokyo Olympics
    • Title listed for NBC Universal networks (United States).
    • Includes NBC English and Spanish networks and affiliates: e.g. NBC, NBC Sports, Telemundo, etc.

  • Title: “2020 Tokyo Olympics
    • Title listed for other networks outside of the United States.
    • Includes English, Spanish and other language networks and affiliates across the globe in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Latin America, Brazil, etc.



  • Multiple Event Blocks
    • Multiple Olympic sports events will be combined under a given time block.
    • Multiple event titles will be combined in a single episode title.
      e.g. “Track/Field , Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Swimming”
    • Specifics for the events will be contained in the episode description.
      e.g. “The opening day of track and field features qualifying events from Tokyo, including the women's 400m. Also: live beach-volleyball action; rowing (finals); swimming (semi-finals).”
    • Multiple genres will be listed based on the individual events.

  • Single Events
    • Some events will be listed singly, with individual titles, descriptions and genres.

  • Notable Athletes
    • As known, notable athletes will be listed for events.



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