Can I restrict access to a specific folder or folders?


Are we able to restrict specific users or groups from accessing a specific folder or folders?


Yes, as of our 9.1 software release, we have added the ability to restrict users, or groups of users, from performing specific actions within a folder.

Admins have the ability to restrict user/group permissions to perform these specific actions within a folder:

  • Playback 
  • Delete files
  • Clip
  • Share via email 
  • Download 
  • Transcode to a new format (i.e. from MPEG-2 to MP4)
  • Run Workflows
  • Edit File Metadata
  • Move to another location

As demonstrated in the below image, Administrators are able to give permissions for each item to different users, and groups, or even chose to give no one permission to perform an action by leaving the entry blank.


Additional Notes:

Making edits to this page are only available to users with Administrative permissions. 

In order to fully utilize this, Administrators will need to edit the folder in question and move the ADVANCED PERMISSIONS slider, seen above, to the ON position.

When setting permissions via this manner, Admins will also have to put an entry in each line.  Otherwise, blank entries will be interpreted as no one can perform this action.

This cannot be performed on multiple folders concurrently.  They would need to be edited separately.

Applies to Version:

This applies to all SnapStream servers with recording capabilities on version 9.1 and higher.  The SnapStream systems without recording storage folders would not be applicable here.


Folder Permissions Access Restrict

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