My SnapStream HDD/SSD failed, what do I do?


My SnapStream HDD/SSD failed, what do I do?


If your SnapStream system is displaying one or multiple red lights and is omitting a beeping sound that may indicate a failed drive. 

If you are able to access the MegaRaid storage system, the first thing you should do is attempt to locate which drive is causing the issue. Usually, it will have a red icon next to the drive. You can attempt to rebuild it but it may take up to a day fo the rebuild to complete. 


If a rebuild does not resolve the issue, a new drive will need to be shipped out. To make sure you receive the correct drive, take note of where the red light is appearing. Power down the server and pull the drive out. Document or take pictures of the drive making sure to note the serial number, make, model and capacity of the drive. Forward the info to SnapStream Support and they will issue an RMA.


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