How do I stream and record my Zoom meetings in SnapStream?


How do I stream, record, and clip my Zoom meetings in SnapStream?


To add your Zoom meeting to SnapStream, you will need to 

1) Create a SnapStream RTMP address

Note: You will need an Admin account to do this. If you do not have an Admin account, you can contact your local SnapStream Admin to set it up.

Head over to Admin -->RTMP --> Add Stream and name the stream zoom.

Once done, click Add


You should be redirected to the RTMP list with your new RTMP address created. Go ahead and copy the address by clicking on the Copy to Clipboard icon.


2) Create a new lineup for your Zoom meeting.

-In SnapStream, click on Admin --> Guide -->Create New Local Lineup

-Name the Lineup Zoom 

-Set the Type to IPTV

-Channel name: Zoom

-Callsign: Zoom

-Guide Channel: (This can be any channel you want it to be as it will appear in the SnapStream Guide with the number you choose)

-Transport Type: RTMP(Alt)

-Source Address: The RTMP address that you created. (In my case, it would be rtmp://

-Click Save Local Lineup



3) Adding your new lineup to a tuner.

NOTE: This step is very crucial. If you do not have an available tuner, you will need to contact your SnapStream Admin to modify an existing tuner. A tuner will be used to live playback/record your Zoom meeting  If you are modifying an existing tuner that tuner will not be able to record the programs it was scheduled to record.

Please follow either step 3.1 or 3.2

3.1) Adding your lineup to a new tuner

-Head over to Admin-->Tuners --> Add Tuner 

-Under Lineup select the Zoom lineup you just created.

-Number of Tuners to Add: 1

-Click Save


3.2) Adding your lineup to an existing tuner

-Head over to Admin --> Tuners

-Edit the Tuner you wish to use as your dedicated Zoom tuner

NOTE: If you plan on reverting the tuner after your Zoom meeting has ended, please make sure to copy the tuner's original properties.

-Under Lock Tuner make sure it is toggled to Off

NOTE: Lock Tuner can be toggled to ON. If toggled to ON, make sure the transport type is RTMP(Alt) and the Source URL would be the RTMP URL that was made. However, since the RTMP URL is already applied to the Lineup, you will not need to do this. 

-Under Channel Lineup select Zoom

-Under External Tuning Interface make sure it is toggled to None.

-Click Save





4) Edit Custom Live Streaming Service Settings in Zoom

A Zoom meeting will need to be In-Progress in order to access the necessary properties for SnapStream. You will be adding the RTMP URL your created in step 1 into the Zoom properties

-Once started click on the More button located at the bottom right.

-Select Live on Custom Live Stream Service.


You will then be greeted with this page:


Paste the 1st half of your RTMP address into the Streaming URL field. (example: rtmp://

Paste the 2nd half of your RTMP address into the Streaming key field.

(example: zoom?key=CZgE1avcshfNAK8qTYK0nMxpkG8sbysm)

For Live Streaming page URL, paste your SnapStream cloud address into the field.



Here's what the form would look like completed:



5) You are done! Now you can record the Zoom meeting in SnapStream.

You can now head over to Guide in SnapStream and start a recording using "Record Now" and view your Zoom broadcast.









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