Why am I getting Killed Recording warning notifications?

Issue or Problem:

You receive one or more email notifications of the following type of Warning coming from your SnapStream system:

Scheduler.WorkerProcForRecorders - killing recording '<Program Title>' on tuner '<SnapStream Server Name> - <Tuner Name>' because it hasn't received data in a while.


If the SnapStream server tuner does not receive a usable and recordable signal from its configured content stream for 30 seconds or more, the SnapStream recording ending will stop recording. If your system is configured to send warning email notifications to your email address you will receive these notifications. 


Some of the potential causes and remedies may include, but not limited, to the following:

  • The SnapStream encoder sending the content stream to the server is offline or has a network disruption. Ensure your SnapStream encoders are powered on and have working network connectivity to communicate to your SnapStream server.
  • The SnapStream encoder's configured content stream is not running. The warning notification you receive will include a tuner name. Check your SnapStream encoder and ensure the corresponding content stream is running. Sometimes a tuner card can get into a corrupted state. If this occurs, a reboot of the SnapStream Encoder may allow the content stream to start again and resolve this issue.
  • There is a network disruption or disconnection between the SnapStream server and the encoded video signal coming from a third-party encoder such as an Osprey Talon, AVerMedia AVerCaster, etc. Ensure that your encoder is on and streaming correctly.
  • The signal coming from your QAM/ATSC video source is corrupted or not the proper signal strength. Please check the signal coming from your cable plant or cable boxes.
  • You are recording an IP-based tuner such as HLS and the signal is offline or corrupted. The tuner configuration will have details on the exact URL being used. Ensure the feed is properly up and streaming. You can check the stream by using a third-party video player such as VLC. Simply start VLC and open a network stream to the specific URL.

Once the signal has been restored, the recording job will resume, presuming the recording scheduled end time has not yet occurred.

Additional Notes:

Please contact support for additional assistance or questions you may have.

Applies to Version:

9.0 and above


Killing Recordings SnapStream Tuner

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