How do I add As-Run logs (ARLs) to my MOCO server


How do I import my ARLs to my inputs in MOCO?


In order to add ARLs into your MOCO server, the following will need to be done:

  • Send over a sample ARL to we will take a look at it and if compatible, a custom ARL profile will be created. (This most likely will need to be done only once if future ARLs are of the same format).
  • Once the ARL profile is received, you can head over to your MOCO server and navigate to C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\(InputSourceName)\AsRunHot (Each Input will have an AsRunHot folder)
  • Drag and drop your ARLs to that location. 
  • Once transferred, head over to the MOCO WebUI and click Admin --> Inputs
  • Edit the input that you added the ARL file to
  • Scroll down and set Process As Run Logs to On


  • The ARL in C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\(InputSourceName)\AsRunHot will disappear and will reappear in C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\(InputSourceName)\AsRunCold
  • You have now imported your ARLs into your MOCO server

Additional Notes:

It takes about 24 hours for the ARL to sync up with the recording.

If you plan on adding multiple ARLs at a certain time, you will need to create a batch file to transfer ARLs at that set time. 

Applies to Version:

Moco 10.0 and above

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