How To Set Up Loudness Monitoring on my MOCO server


How do I set up Loudness Monitoring on my MOCO server?


To enable Loudness Monitoring, you will need to do the following:

  • Navigate to Admin —> Input
  • Edit the input(s) you would like Loudness Data on
  • Scroll down to Generate Loudness Data —> On
  • Select the Loudness Specifications
    • ATSC A/85 2011 (Original CALM Act Spec
    • ATSC A/85 2013 (The one currently now used in the US) ←- Most likely will be the one selected
    • EBU R128 (European Spec)
  • Set Short Intervals (seconds) ←- You can leave this as default unless you want different intervals set up.mceclip0.png
  • Click Save and repeat the steps for the remaining inputs. 
  • Navigate to Monitor —> Loudness Graph
  • Select the Input and hit the drop-down arrow
  • Depending on the input/source, it may show multiple tracks or it may just show one.
  • Click the + button for a track
    • You can view different metrics
      • Short Interval Integrated
      • Short-Term
      • Momentary ←-Used to calculate Integrated Loudness
      • Short Interval LRA
      • AC3 Dialnormmceclip1.png

Additional Notes:

You can zoom in to the graph data by adjusting the track bar just below the graph or hitting the Zoom preset buttons above the graph. 

Applies to Version:

SnapStream MOCO.


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