How do I Import my Nielsen Ratings into my MOCO Server


How do I import my Nielsen Rating onto my MOCO server?


To import/transfer your Nielsen Ratings, one would need to drag and drop or copy the files into your MOCO server. To do this, you would first need to have a way to access the storage drive on the MOCO server. This can be done by RDPing into the server or accessing the drive via the network and file explorer. 

  • Once you have access to the MOCO storage drive navigate to C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\Ratings
  • Import your Nielsen Rating file (.xlsx format) into that location.
    • If the file processes correctly, the file should appear in C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\RatingProcessed
    • If the file is not processed correctly, it will appear in C:\SnapStreamHotFolders\RatingsQuarantined
    • mceclip0.png
  • Once done, open up the MOCO WebUI and head to Admin--> Input
  • Edit the input(s) that have the Nielsen Ratings data
  • Scroll down and type/make sure the Ratings Station value matches what is shown in the speadsheet.mceclip1.png
  • Click Save
  • The next step is to head over to Monitor --> Ratings
  • Select your desired input, and press the + button
  • Select your desired demographic, chart type, and color
  • mceclip2.png
  • If done correctly, the Nielsen data should appear.


Additional Notes:

NOTE: Make sure your date selected is within the dates of the Nielsen Ratings

NOTE: If the media item (input) associated with the Nielsen Rating does not exist anymore, you will not be able to view the ratings.

Applies to Version:

SnapStream MOCO


 Nielsen Ratings, import, MOCO, inputs, data

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