Migrating From a SnapStream Local Appliance to SnapStream Cloud


I want to purchase a SnapStream Cloud solution but I currently have an on-premise SnapStream local appliance. How do I migrate from a SnapStream local appliance to SnapStream Cloud?


We want to make it easy for you to transition to SnapStream Cloud. Our Support team can help you seamlessly migrate as much of your content and settings as you need to.

Sending your sources to SnapStream Cloud: For all customers with H.264 encoders (from SnapStream or third party), moving to SnapStream Cloud can be as simple as changing the output destination in the encoder to point to the SnapStream Cloud instance.

Channel changing with SnapStream Cloud: For customers with SnapStream H.264 encoders, your inputs can still be configured to change channels from a SnapStream Cloud configuration the same way they change channels in your existing local appliance.

Settings Migration: Migrating from a local SnapStream appliance to SnapStream Cloud is easy. SnapStream support has automated tools to migrate your settings including the following:

  • Lineups, channels, and guide information
  • Recording schedule
  • Custom Workflows
  • External accounts such as social media accounts or other integrated accounts
  • Administrative settings
  • Search Alerts

User account & user profile migration: SAML user account settings are migrated automatically to SnapStream Cloud. Local user accounts and local user account settings can be migrated to SnapStream Cloud working with the SnapStream Support team.

Clips and recording migration: Your existing clips and recordings can be migrated to your SnapStream Cloud as well. Depending on library size and your upload bandwidth, it may take some time to migrate. Imported recordings will affect your SnapStream Cloud provisioned storage space.

Alternatively, your local clips and recordings library can be integrated into SnapStream Cloud

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