Integrating on-premise storage with SnapStream Cloud


How do I use my on-premise local storage with the SnapStream Cloud solution?


SnapStream Cloud can integrate with your existing on-site storage appliance. There are a few options available:
Mounting your local storage over a VPN tunnel: This is the best option for connecting your SnapStream Cloud to local storage. With this approach, you would establish a VPN tunnel (IPSec, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, or PPTP) from a SnapStream Cloud instance to your local network, and then that single SnapStream Cloud server (and nothing else) would have direct access to your local storage. In this setup, all SnapStream Cloud users could have access to the local storage whether they are physically at the location with the storage or over the internet without the need for any VPN connection. User network traffic would be between the clients and SnapStream Cloud only.

SnapStream clustering with user VPNs: Another configuration would be putting a SnapStream server at the physical location with the storage appliance, and using one of the SnapStream cluster configuration options to add it to your SnapStream Cloud system. User network traffic in this configuration would be between clients and SnapStream Cloud for cloud-stored recordings and between clients and the SnapStream server on your network for recordings on your storage appliance. In this setup, users may not have access to play all content if they cannot reach your network.

Custom integration: If your storage appliance is accessible and exposes an S3 compatible API or some other API, we can explore a direct integration with the device without going through one of the standard file system approaches.

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